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Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

PriceFrom $41.00
Excluding Sales Tax

Wooden Hanging Plant Shelves. Great for indoor herb gardens, indoor vegetable gardens, or just mix it up to add a little extra greenery in your life. Shelves also look great hanging in an outdoor space such as a patio or rooftop. 

These fit up to 9 - 4.25" pots. The height of each shelf can be adjusted within the ropes. 

It can be hung against the wall or from the ceiling or even a curtain rod. 

**Please note that we are able to customize these items. Shelves can have between 1 and 5 holes for pots. Each hanging garden can have between 1 and 5 shelves. The garden shown features 4 shelves with 4 pots. If you would like to modify your design, we are happy to accommodate. Please message us prior to purchasing and we can work out the details and the price. 

The garden shown features shelves that are 24" long and 5.5" deep. The shelves hang up to 48" high. Keep in mind the more shelves/pots you choose, the heavier the unit will be and the stronger the supports must be.

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