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Geometry Inspired Reclaimed Coffee Table

Geometry Inspired Reclaimed Coffee Table

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So what had happened was: Eorlund was killing some time and doing a little light reading by his favorite author, the famed mathematician, Alan Turing. He then decided to start building another model of his wonderful salvage style coffee table, and began adding geometric swirls to it. Next thing you know, he made this fun thing. Featuring a contemporary look, durable stable plank design and steel hairpin legs, this table is a find. The table pictured is 37" by 37" and sits on 12" legs for a total height of 15." The simple elegant looks matches almost any living room and this piece is perfect for larger rooms or wider spaces. The table has a triple coat of natural tung oil then an additional three coats of natural wood protectant so its safe from spills and messes.  

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