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Handmade Reclaimed Wooden American Flags

Handmade Reclaimed Wooden American Flags

PriceFrom $135.00
Excluding Sales Tax

This Traditional Rustic American Flag is made out of reclaimed furring strips. These flags feature thick knotty pine boards, edge rounding, groove cut lines, thin cut stars and are finished to customer specifications. 


"Bernese" Style Building:
Eorlund takes pride in every piece made by The Bernese Builder. We only use the best quality, and we personally handpick all our wood to give you the best product possible. Since we handpick our wood, things may take a little longer. We want to ensure you are happy with your product. 

***Better for indoor use, can be finished for outdoor use upon request.***

Ship only to lower 48

***Please read the following***
All of our items are handmade and custom, they can possibly vary in appearance from displayed picture in regards to color depth and sheen. Pictures vary in lighting and always have a slight different appearance than in person. Upon request, an actual photo of your specific purchased item can be sent to you before final finish is applied for your approval. 
Burning patterns, knots, voids by knots, sap from the pine and blotching will also vary depending on grain in the wood, which is what makes it very unique to your order...there will be no flags with exactly the same burn pattern as yours. If there are light areas or sporadic dots in the coloring, that is due to the sap in the wood and we are not able to control the natural development of the wood.

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